You CAN Simplify How To Plan Your Next Remodeling Project

November 18, 2015

We’ve been incredibly busy at Dover—and I’m finding that my customers are, too: We’re all balancing, managing, multi-tasking. So with that in mind, I’m re-posting a blog from 2013 about simplifying your next remodeling project. (But first, I edited it into more manageable chunks of information.) Here’s to making your next home renovation project simple and enjoyable:

1. Do Your Homework
Begin by searching for contractor directories on reliable online sources like Houzz, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB.) These resources feature portfolios of local contractors and often include a customer rating system, customer reviews and work details.

NARI has a section devoted to homeowners which includes a sample budget worksheet, a Homeowners Guide, and other valuable information—take advantage of these planning tools.

Make sure to look at the type of work the contractor has done in the past. For example, if you’re doing a basement remodel and all you see on their page is kitchen renovations, ask for project-specific examples.

2. Conduct Interviews
Interview two or more candidates that you like—and make sure you communicate well together. Note: A late arrival for an interview is a red flag.

Ask all of the questions that you are concerned about. i.e., you have allergies, so thorough cleanup after the job is mandatory; confirm that your contractor is up for the task.

3. Check References
Ask for references—and then actually follow up with them to gather input.

4. Establish A Budget & Timeline
Once you find a contractor who you’re comfortable with in terms of quality of work and scope of services, it’s time to sketch out the budget and a realistic timeframe. Consider your family’s schedule, holidays, seasonal constraints, etc.

5. Establish a Written Contract.
To protect yourself, never begin work without a contract.

These are the basics that should provide smooth project management.  For more tips on managing your next project, visit our YouTube page.

The best is yet to come,
Beth Orr