October 6, 2021

Pet-Focused Home Renovation Projects

If you’re like me, your pet is part of the family. So why not give your pet their own comfortable living space in your home?  I’ve helped customers incorporate simple, inexpensive design ideas as part of their remodeling efforts to create pet-friendly spaces and functional updates. These updates not only pamper pets — they make… Read More

September 22, 2021

Tips for Selecting Home Lighting Fixtures

Successful home design is the sum of its parts. Think about putting together a great outfit: You start with basics and then layer on accessories to make it pop. To do home lighting right, that same layering approach is a must. The first step to getting lighting right: Identify your lighting design style.   Whether… Read More

September 8, 2021

Tile Trends for Your Home Remodel

There’s a good reason why tile is taking over your Pinterest feed: From kitchens and bathrooms to family rooms, tile is a versatile, durable product choice with so many design options. It’s a great way to reflect your unique style personality in your home remodel.  Tile Trends in 2021 Here are some of the latest… Read More

August 11, 2021

Kitchen Design Trends to Watch

Now more than ever, the kitchen is the heart of the home. While entertaining has been a long-time focus of kitchen remodels — it’s still where our families and friends love to gather — the past 18 months of cooking and working from home has reinforced that a functional kitchen is a priority, too. Keep… Read More

May 19, 2021

Timeless vs. Trendy Home Remodeling 

Timeless vs. Trendy Home Remodeling For many homeowners, design choices can be overwhelming. Selecting surfaces, fixtures, and colors can seem like a daunting task.   But it doesn’t have to be. To make design choices that won’t look outdated five or ten years from now, approach the design selection process by taking a look around you. Which colors and textures in your home do you love?… Read More

April 28, 2021

The Homeowners Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

Whether you’re replacing your backsplash as part of a complete kitchen remodel or simply refreshing your above-the-counter space, a new backsplash is a great investment. This update can transform the entire look of your kitchen—and it’s functional, too. The backsplash protects the wall behind the sink and underneath cabinets against water damage from splashing and spills.  Beyond its practicality, the kitchen backsplash is prime real estate for expressing… Read More

March 24, 2021

How to Add Color to Your Home Remodel for the Most Impact 

Spring has sprung. Along with the promise of a new season comes a collective excitement for reviving our homes, fueled by a year spent confined within four walls. If you’re looking for a home refresh, there are few better ways to lift your spirits and express your personality than through color.   Color can create a mood. In home design, color can make a small space… Read More

June 11, 2020

The Master Bathroom Renovation: Tub or no tub?

We first posted this blog about master bathroom renovation in 2017, with the intent of answering the age-old bathroom design question: Tub or no tub? Now three years later, I’m still getting that same question from homeowners. So, I’ve updated the previous blog to include some up-to-date design details along with new photos. Enjoy!  The… Read More

August 21, 2019

Here’s What’s In: The Latest Trends In Tile

Go on Houzz or tune into HGTV and it’s right there: Beautiful home renovation inspiration featuring tile. When I meet with customers to talk about design and product selections for their home remodeling projects, tile is usually part of that discussion. From backsplashes to shower enclosures to flooring applications, tile is a versatile product choice… Read More

April 18, 2019

Go with the Faux: The Appeal of Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

Go with the Faux: The Appeal of Luxury Vinyl Flooring  Vinyl flooring is having a moment. Once considered an economy flooring product, today’s luxury vinyl offers a host of performance benefits—and a whole lot of style. Using contemporary hi-definition printing technology it’s possible to capture the finer detail within real hardwood and natural stone flooring… Read More