What To Ask When Interviewing a Contractor

November 5, 2015

At some point, most of us will need to find a reliable contractor to work in our homes, whether it’s finishing a basement or a kitchen renovation. My blog from July 2013 offers some great tips and outlines questions to ask your contractor during the interview process to help you make the right choice. Here it is again:

It’s a big deal to hire a contractor to remodel your home, even if it’s just a small project. From the initial steps of deciding to actually remodel to figuring out “what’s next,” you want to make sure you’re choosing the right people for the job. Most people find contractors through referrals, signs in their neighborhoods, the BBB and Angie’s List. You can even look at ideas on Houzz and find local contractors and businesses to work with during your remodeling process.

But when it comes to finding the right contractor for your project, you need to know what to ask. Asking the right questions can make your decision about who to hire a bit easier. The interview doesn’t have to take a long time, but it should be thorough, so you have a good idea about the contractor you choose. Ask for a summary of some of the projects they’ve worked on including before and after photos.

Remember – pretty pictures of completed projects are just a small part of the interview process. Be prepared to ask some tough questions to ensure you get the most out your interview. After all, your home is your biggest investment.

To help get you started in the remodel process, check out the first video in our new “Dialogs with Dover” video series. It will give you some guidance on the questions to ask when interviewing a contractor. To download a list of the questions mentioned in the video, click here.

The best is yet to come,

Beth Orr