MEET THE DOVER DESIGNERS: Home Design & Remodeling with Shelby Wilkins

April 14, 2021

Meet the Designer: Shelby Wilkins

In this special blog series, we would like to introduce you to Dover Home Remodelers’ talented designers. Enjoy a glimpse at their work, inspirations and beautiful before-and-after remodeling project highlights.

If you’re looking for well-balanced interior design perspective, meet Shelby Wilkins.

Shelby earned degrees in interior design, business and marketing. She worked in the interior design industry while in school, gaining a wealth of design perspective and command. She’s done it all from helping homeowners select paint colors, flooring and fabrics, to designing room layouts and managing interior designs for commercial spaces.

Shelby’s personal design palette is a varietal blend. She gravitates towards an eclectic look for its mix of old and new elements; mid-century modern for its clean lines and bold, striking patterns; and the organic colors and textures of laid-back Bohemian style. But when designing a living space for a client, Shelby focuses intently on their personal taste and lifestyle to help create a unique signature look while bringing harmony to their home.

Dover Designer Spotlight

Home Remodeling Tips Everyone Can Use

Creating that harmony between function and interior design is what she’s most passionate about—and what Shelby loves most about her job. Here’s how she helps her clients arrive at their ideal design.

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Living Space

Ask Shelby for her best home remodeling advice, and she’ll tell you: Stop watching HGTV! A bit tongue-in-cheek, her response is all about understanding your home’s unique structure. HGTV and Houzz are great resources for home design inspiration. But those ideas might not necessarily work in your home. Remodeling is more than just selecting cabinets and countertops—you need to understand what’s behind the walls and under the floors. A good contractor can help with that.

Embrace Trends That Work for Your Home

Clever kitchen storage innovations are a must to keep essentials organized and counters clean and clutter-free. But that trend can look different in every kitchen. For those homes with the luxury of space, Shelby likes to add a butler’s pantry. It’s a nod to the days when homes had smaller kitchens with separate areas to store food, appliances, etc. If your kitchen doesn’t afford that extra space, then add deep roll-out trays to extend cabinet storage.

In the bathroom, Shelby nods to the appeal of a large, walk-in shower with no curb—everyone can use it, no matter age or mobility. And a hand-held shower attachment is a trending fixture that makes life easier for you and even for your pets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore Home Design Trends

Open-concept living is still popular right now. But do you need to comply? Will you lose buyer appeal if you choose to keep your older home’s original design and integrity intact? Shelby contends that you need to design a space for the way you live. And with many of us still working and learning from home, open living spaces can be challenging to navigate for families, as shared spaces become overcrowded.

There are so many home remodeling design resources available today that it can be overwhelming for some homeowners. Instagram, Pinterest…it’s easy to get lost in the scroll. Working with a designer can help you organize and prioritize some of that inspiration in a way that works for you and your home. If you’re interested in connecting with Shelby, call Dover Home Remodelers at 440-777-7555.