March 10, 2021

How to Transform Your Master Bathroom into a Spa with a Steam Shower


Spending more time at home over the past 12 months has sparked in us a new level of love for our abodes. A recent study from Lowereveals that nearly two-thirds of homeowners said that their home means more to them today than it did a year ago.  

That fondness has spurred a rush of home improvement projects, from pools to home offices. Among the top (indoor) home updates is the master bathroom shower. The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report showed respondents are looking for large, freestanding showers with zero-clearance entry and linear drains.  

If that spa-inspired shower is something you’ve been thinking about creating within your bathroom, keep readingOur team at Dover Home Remodelers designed a Zen master bathroom sanctuary that blended high-tech shower elements with an open, airy feel and a relaxed, organic vibe. 

Creating the Perfect Steam Shower

To achieve the look, we removed an existing oversized garden tub and replaced it with a free-standing tub which opened the space. For clean lines throughout, we layered 4x12-inch glazed white tiles and sleek Evolution tile flooring with subtle veining for a stone look. We used custom cabinets and vessel sinks for plenty of counter space and storage. And then we created a spacious state-of-the-art steam shower as the bathroom centerpiece 

bathroom with steam shower

The master bath was transformed into a spa-like sanctuary.

How to Properly Install a Steam Shower in Your Home

Before you add a steam shower to your home, be sure to consider the elements of a proper installation.

Waterproof Barrier

It makes sense that to build a steam shower, you need to create an enclosure that is vapor-tight and moisture-proof so the steam cant migrate or escape the spaceSince ceramic and porcelain tiles are almost impervious to moisture, they’re the ideal product for use in this type of application. But it’s equally important to make sure that your foundation also provides a waterproof barrier which is why we use the Schluter system for all of our bathroom remodels. 

Ceiling Slope

Unique to a steam shower is the slope of the ceiling. We pitched the shower ceiling toward the back wall to allow the moisture that builds in the shower to roll down the wall instead of collecting and creating condensation on the shower ceiling (no dripping on your head!). The shower door has a transom-style glass panel above that can be opened to ventilate, allowing the steam to escape and/or to control the humidity within the shower enclosure.  

mosaic Emser Venetian tiles in steam shower

Floor Design

One of the more interesting organic elements in the shower design is the mosaic Emser Venetian tiles laid on the shower floor to look and feel like natural pebbles. A linear stainless steel Schluter shower drain adds the perfect flash of luxury to finish the look.  

For regular shower installs, the floor is pitched slightly from all sides toward the center to allow the water to drain properly. For a linear drain installation, the shower floor has a single pitch—toward the drain.

Mosaic Emser Venetian tiles in steam shower

For this project, we used a custom steam shower by Steamist which offers a range of pampering options including various levels of steam and heat and a chromotherapy light controlled by a sleek digital touch pad.

 Steamist touch pad

If you’re looking to create a steam shower in your home as a DIY project, remember to:

  • Start with a waterproof barrier (again, the Schluter system does it right).
  • Use porcelain or ceramic tiles installed per the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Build the ceiling and floor at the proper pitches to move the water efficiently within the shower enclosure to avoid water or condensation buildup.

Choose a Contractor with Experience

If you’d like to take a look at tile and flooring products for your bathroom remodel, stop in and see me at the Dover Tile & Flooring Center. We’re here to help.

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