How To Select the Right Tile for Your Home

October 19, 2021

Whether you’re adding a new backsplash or installing new flooring throughout your home, choosing tile can be an overwhelming task. Natural stone or porcelain? Diagonal or herringbone installation? Colored grout or no grout line?  The choices can seem overwhelming. We’re sharing tips for making the process a lot easier.

kitchen with tile

Tips For Choosing Tile That You’ll Be Thrilled With for Your Home

To make the right choice, think it through. Don’t simply choose a tile based on a Pinterest photo. Sure, the tile should be a look that you love. But, before you commit, take a few steps back and consider how the tile will be used, how it will flow within your existing or newly renovated space and its maintenance requirements.     

Design Style 

Consider existing surfaces, textures and colors in your home and choose a tile that creates visual harmony—or a focal point—in your living area. Generally, matte finish and glass tile work well in contemporary spaces. Natural marble and ceramic tile that mimics wood or stone live well in traditional and transitional homes.  

Design Goals 

Focus on what you’re trying to achieve in your home. Tile can be used to: 

  • Make a space look larger by using light-colored, larger-sized tiles set on a diagonal to draw the eye through the room. No-grout installation or light-colored grout (close to the tile color) also helps to create that seamless look.  
  • Add drama and create added dimension to a living space by using an accent tile or installing tile in a complementary/contrasting pattern. In a bathroom, use the pattern around the shower, in niches, or on the floor. There are a lot of great prefabricated inlays available, but don’t be afraid to get creative and choose your mix of tiles to achieve a custom look. 
  • Bring color and texture into the kitchen or bathroom. Tile offers many options: Natural and faux stone, metals, glass, colored porcelain—all with a mix of textures and finishes. If your cabinets and walls create a neutral canvas, tile is ideal for adding a pop of color or creating a focal point. On-trend right now is running kitchen tile backsplashes up to the ceiling above the sink and behind the range. 


Consider how the tile will be used in your home. For example, if you’re installing a tile countertop in your outdoor kitchen, think about a stone tile (such as granite) that can stand up to heat and steer clear of porous stone that might soak up oils and cooking spills.   

Porcelain “hardwood” tile is a popular choice in homes because of its durability. It offers variety in size, color and texture and gives the desirable hardwood look without the maintenance. In addition, this durable tile is an excellent choice for homes with pets because it doesn’t scratch like hardwood.  

Wood Look Tile in Laundry Room

If you’re concerned about tile feeling cold under your feet, consider installing a heat mat under the tile. But, again, it’s essential to explore all your tile and installation options to get the right fit for you and your lifestyle. 


In general, porcelain and ceramic tile require less maintenance, while natural stone or marble tile require routine sealing. To reduce everyday maintenance, consider using a grout like Power Tec, an indoor/outdoor product that is pre-sealed. 


If you want to be on-trend without worrying about your renovated space being outdated in a few years, put your personal stamp on the style. For example, subway tile is popular right now. So, you might choose the tile in an oversized profile, in colored or textured varieties, with colored grout or added glass-tile accents — do the trend your way. subway tile with accent

Whether you’re going big or small, bold or understated, tile is an excellent design option for your renovation project because of its versatility and variety.  Just be sure to take your time, make lists of pros and cons, gather photos, have fun making your choice — and then enjoy the finished results.  

If you need help sorting through your options or if you’d like some tips from the professionals, stop in and see us at the Dover Floor & Tile Center in North Olmsted. We’re here to help! 

The best is yet to come,  

Beth Orr