Carpet Trends for Your Home

November 3, 2021

The epitome of comfort flooring, carpet is making a comeback in today’s home remodeling. Carpet is equal parts soft, warm and comfortable. And it has a way of transforming a living area into an inviting space.Modern Basement with Carpet, carpet, neutral flooring

Carpet Is Cool Again

Perhaps due to the crazy year we’ve had, I’m finding more and more homeowners are prioritizing comfort in their home remodels — so they’re choosing carpet to cozy up their living spaces.

How to Use Carpet in Your Remodel

A recent article in Better Homes & Gardens highlighted the latest in home carpet trends – here are some of our favorites.

Stair Runners

Adding a design element to your staircase is a popular trend. In fact, Better Homes & Gardens reports  more than 56,000 tags on Instagram for “stair runners”. With so many patterns and textured, natural fiber designs available, carpet offers lots of versatility for stair runners. Plus, carpet makes hardwood stairs softer and safer to navigate.

Cozy Living Spaces

The soft cushion of carpet underfoot is a major draw for relaxed spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. Better Homes & Gardens points to low-pile carpets with subtle textures as the on-trend choice. “This contemporary style is soft without going shag, and the low profile is perfect for layering with an area rug that adds color and pattern to complement the space.”

Open-Concept Space Dividers

Using area rugs or carpet tiles is a great way to create separate living spaces within an open-concept design. Carpet can help define each distinct space while adding warmth, style and texture. Bonus: carpet also dampens sound.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Carpet is not often associated with pet-safe flooring. Still, many highly durable, high-traffic carpet options are built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with family and pet activity. Many carpet brands, including Shaw, even offer a carpet with a waterproof back, giving you extra protection from pet accidents.

The New Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Cut-to-fit carpet design lets you create your own professional-grade area rug: Have the carpet cut to cover the main living area leaving the hardwood or tile beneath to create a framework around the room’s perimeter or create a runner to divide spaces.

At Dover Flooring & Tile Center, we offer a custom rug program with Stanton Carpet with lots of gorgeous cut-to-fit carpet designs, plus a variety of binding and edge options to suit every design style.


Along those same lines: There’s always leftover carpet after installation jobs. We take that scrap and bind it into rugs. Many of our customers like to have those extra rugs to use at entryways or in high-traffic areas in their homes.

Inviting neutrals

Home remodeling trends continue to lean towards neutrals. Better Homes & Gardens notes the same for carpet: “The softness of carpet provides a visual and tactile complement to the warm and inviting colors that continue to take hold in paint and home accents.”

Are you team carpet or hardwood?

Today’s design trends are finding that there’s room for both in your home. So, if you’re in the market for new carpet in your home, stop by the Dover Flooring & Tile Center in North Olmsted for design and product ideas. We’re here when you need us!

The best is yet to come,

Beth Orr