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A Year in Review: Top Remodeling Trends, Topics & Projects From 2023

Home remodeling trends are ever-evolving, from the latest colors to new products to innovative design materials and applications. This year, we’ve been happy to share a wealth of knowledge and insights through our blog, covering everything from kitchen and bathroom design to sustainable flooring products and inspiration for outdoor living spaces. But which articles and…

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Keeping Your Carpets, Hardwood and Tile Floors in Top Shape for the Holidays 

Whether you’ve got college kids coming home for break, family visiting or friends dropping by to celebrate, you’ll likely have much more foot traffic and activity in your home this holiday season.  Typically, the holidays bring more guests, which leads to increased wear and tear on carpets, hardwood and tile floors in your home. Plus,…


Dover Home Remodelers’ Expert Guide to Luxury Tile Fireplace Design

Crackling flames cast a warm glow against the backdrop of a chilly evening. There’s something undeniably enchanting about a fireplace. More than just a source of heat, a fireplace is a focal point of comfort and coziness in your home that draws people to gather and connect, creating memories. From an interior design perspective, fireplaces…

Spa-like Bathroom Renovation

Beyond the Basics: 5 Considerations for Creating Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Home remodeling projects can elevate the look and feel of your living space, adding joy to your home while increasing its value. In 2023, updated bathrooms are among the most popular home improvement projects. When done right, remodeled bathrooms blend style, functionality and tranquility, creating a relaxing escape in your home. And thanks to new…

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The Impact of Home Remodeling on Property Value: Is it worth it?

Remodeling your home can be incredibly rewarding, making a big impact on your lifestyle and your everyday happiness. But a home remodel can also significantly increase the value of your property when you decide to sell. When you remodel your home, you can increase the value of your home by making it more appealing to…

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Design your dream kitchen: Tips for selecting the ideal countertop

Choosing kitchen countertops is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make when remodeling your kitchen. Good Housekeeping argues that countertops are the most important element in a kitchen remodel: “Not only do you interact with them every day, but they’re one of the first things a person notices when they walk into the space,…

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Mudroom Makeover: Creating a Functional Space for Your Family and Pets

If you’re looking to declutter and organize your home, creating a functional mudroom might be a good place to start. A well-designed mudroom can help you create a tidier, more organized living space while enjoying happier, more relaxed everyday living. Why remodel your mudroom? While an updated mudroom adds value to your home, the everyday…