BLOG #2 of 3 IN A SERIES: CotY Award Winner: Second Place, Kitchen: $60,001 – $100,000  The next-generation Italian family kitchen

October 8, 2020

This fabulous renovation earned our team at Dover the 2020 NARI Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award: Second Place, Kitchen: $60,001- $100,000. For the next 2 weeks, Dover designer and guest blogger Patti Saracusa will walk you through this award-winning home remodeling project which features an updated open-concept kitchen that seamlessly blends with the adjoining living spaces. 


CotY Award Winner: Second Place, Kitchen: $60,001 – $100,000 

The next-generation Italian family kitchen

Picking up from where I left off in my last blog…

A great deal of thought went into deciding whether or not the homeowners should eliminate their dining table to create space for a larger island. They wanted an expansive area large enough to accommodate one of their favorite family traditions—making polenta. We created a solution that would allow for both to remain: A custom dining table and side table were designed that could either stand alone or connect to accommodate a crowd to gather around.

The kitchen island before and after:

The side table and table adjoin with concealed latches to ensure they stay in place. The table was also designed with a removable leaf to adjust to the size of the gathering. 

A kitchen full of guests also requires a space that flows and has ample storage. We wrapped the cabinets around a corner leading out to the patio. The depth of these cabinets was reduced and provided the perfect spot to house grilling utensils and outdoor dishes.

Making better use of the existing footprint of the kitchen, the new design eliminated the planning desk and shifted the entrance to the dining room to allow for larger upper cabinets at the bar to store more glasses and spirits. 

The dining room wall: before and after:

The couple’s last request was a place to showcase their vast Italian copper collection passed down from his mother. The glass and light filled upper cabinets were the perfect place to do so while adding warmth and charm. 

Next week, I’ll wrap up this blog series with more before, during and after photos, along with product and fixture selections. Don’t miss it!

Patti Saracusa