November 12, 2013

You CAN Simplify How To Plan Your Next Remodeling Project

When researching your home remodeling project, think of the Internet as your best friend. Truly, the Internet offers you an abundance of information. The fourth video in our “Dialogues with Dover” can also supply some ideas for you.

When you are trying to find contractors on the Internet search for contractor directories, and check out reliable online sources such as Houzz, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB.) NARI also has an entire section devoted to homeowners and touches on subjects that include a sample budget worksheet, a Homeowners Guide, and other valuable information.

These resources also feature portfolios of many local contractors for you to review and may also feature a customer rating system where clients rate their work. Definitely pay attention to the ratings and work details.

Even though you are searching through the Internet, the selection process is still the same. Interview two or more candidates that you like. Make sure you communicate well together. A late arrival for an interview is a red flag and may present some reservations about hiring them.

Ask for references and actually contact them to check them out. Look at portfolios and the type of work home remodelers have done in the past. Ask all the questions that you are concerned about. If cleanup after a job is mandatory, make sure your contractor is up for the task.

One of the most important aspects of finding a contractor is making sure the price and timeline are right for you. Once you find a contractor that you like and who meets all of your requirements it’s time to move onto planning your project with this home remodeling company, and creating a contract with them.

Not only can you find information and check the work completed by the remodelers you’re considering, you can also use the Internet to look for design ideas so that you have a priority list of items you may want to use in your remodeling project.

This is a momentous occasion in you and your family’s life. We hope you look forward to it with awe, excitement and, above all, pleasure.

More tips on simplifying your remodeling tips can be found at our Dover Youtube page.

The best is yet to come,
Beth Orr

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