December 4, 2013

Making “Modern” Work In Your Space

For people who have a penchant for the clean lines and sleek finish of modern design, contemporary isn’t just a fad. It’s what they are drawn to, it’s what they love—and most often, it’s the ideal fit for their lifestyle. Done right, modern style is strikingly beautiful, not sterile. It’s masculine and strong. And always, it’s functional.

As designers, our team at Dover has the opportunity to delve into projects that reflect a host of styles and tastes. We can help customers transform their urban-style kitchen into a sleek, modern living space. For a young couple with no children, no pets and careers that demand long hours at the office, kitchens need to be user-friendly, well organized and simple to clean, yet have all of the added conveniences that afford a great entertaining space.

Working together we can create a modern new kitchen design that maximizes the space, making the area feel more open and spacious. Sleek stainless appliances can give the space uniformity—and also provide the latest technology. The design can reduce extra storage cabinetry to allow for a larger area for people to gather in the kitchen during parties. The end result creates fabulously functional: open, streamlined, inviting, chic—the ultimate space for the way that you live.

Using neutral colors like black, white and beige, modern design relies on the strength of materials—think concrete countertops, metal sheeting, chrome fixtures, glass or stone tile—to complement, define or even add dimension to the space. Void of accessories, we see artwork as the main accent in contemporary spaces, from sculpture to prints, showcased by smart, clean lighting. Architectural elements are also front and center in modern design, so windows are often left bare, with nothing to hide their geometry of form.

What we find, then, is that modern design is incredibly easy to live with: seven years down the road, you aren’t stuck with an outdated color scheme; and the simple, uncluttered design makes cleaning (and maintenance) a breeze. From that end, modern design is an excellent investment. So, for those of you who lean toward the clean lines of contemporary, embrace your design intuition and see where it takes you.

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The best is yet to come,
Beth Orr