You’ve Got Questions; We’ve Got Answers

November 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered where you can go to get sound advice about how to choose a contractor for your remodeling project…or about what to expect during the renovation process?

Our team at Dover Home Remodelers has the answers. Over the past two years, we’ve developed and released a series of short informational videos that address the questions that we hear time and time again from our customers.

This series consists of ten one- to two-minute videos featuring one of our principals here at Dover, who provide expert advice and guidance to help you feel more comfortable with, and get the most out of, the remodeling process.  We cover it all – from why we ask for a budget to enjoying your new finished space.

These videos were filmed in Spring 2013 and now that they’ve all been released, we wanted to make the entire series available to you.

To view, simply click on the links below:

What to Ask When Interviewing a Contractor

How to Plan for Your Next Project

What To Expect During the Process – Part 1

What to Expect During the Process – Part 2

Understanding the Design Build Process

Why it’s so Important to Get a Written Quote

Defining Project Scope and Budget

When to Start Planning your Project

Setting Priorities: Balancing Wants & Needs

Partnering with your Contractor

For more videos, check out more “Dialogs with Dover” at our Youtube page.

If you have any questions or if you have suggestions for other topics that we didn’t cover in this first series, please email me at orrb@doverremodeling.com.

The Best Is Yet To Come,

Beth Orr