February 13, 2020

Tips For Your Ideal Laundry Room Remodel

Tips For Your Ideal Laundry Room Remodel

We’ve come a long way since laundry rooms were relegated to the basement. Today we’re seeing laundry rooms in so many different sizes and configurations—and in various areas of the home—but all have one thing in common: Convenience. 

We all want our laundry room space to make life a little easier, a bit more convenient as we manage our everyday chores.  The good news is there are so many products, features and design ideas that deliver that functionality.  And, there’s even more freedom today in how homeowners are creating their laundry spaces—there are no hard and fast rules.

So, how do you get it right? Before you jump in, consider these two things first:  

Think about your home space/layout and about how you use your laundry room: Do you have enough space to add the laundry in a master closet? Do you want it on the same floor as your bedrooms? Will it fit better in space just off the kitchen? Does it need to be a multi-purpose room, i.e. laundry room and mudroom combination?

Identify your laundry room needs: Do you have a lot of drip-dry clothes that need a rack? Do you iron regularly, or are you a no-wrinkle-fabric type? Are you looking for more storage? What about a craft or sewing center? A plant-potting area? Do you have children/pets that can also make use of the space?


Answering these questions will help give you direction for your laundry room update. As you move on to the design and selection phases, consider these elements to give your space the functionality you need and want:

Flooring. Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for the laundry room because its impermeable membrane can withstand standing water. Other good options are ceramic or porcelain tile. Steer clear of hardwood and carpet due to the obvious challenges associated with water.  

Cabinetry with built-ins. Maximize your space by installing stock or custom cabinetry (or even wire shelving units) with added functionality: A fold-out ironing board, bins for sorting, retractable hanging racks, a pop-up step stool, etc. If space allows, add extra cabinetry for seasonal or specialty item storage.


Raised frontload appliances. Elevating your washer and dryer on cabinet bases or on pedestals brings the appliances to a comfortable level and gives you lots of extra storage underneath.

Easy-care countertop surface. You want a clean, smooth surface for folding—but without the worry of it getting stained or etched. Avoid soft, porous surfaces like marble and even some laminates that are prone to scratching. For durability and aesthetics, granite, quartz and solid surfaces are popular. Just be sure to follow manufacturers’ recommendations for sealing.    

Utility sink. Adding a sink makes the space more versatile—and there are so many options, whether you choose a deep farmhouse sink or an industrial profile that has more “utility.” 

Pet-friendly features. The laundry room is the ideal space for a dog washing station and/or built-in pet beds and kennels. I’m doing a lot more of these upgrades for customers—they love the ease of keeping the mess of managing their pets in one room, with easy access to the washer and dryer.      

Mudroom. Some families opt for a laundry/mudroom combo that multi-tasks with features like lockers (or cubbies) for hanging and storing items; a built-in storage bench; and hooks and shelves inside each locker to keep it all in order and minimize clutter.  

Shower. This ties back to the question about your needs: If you have kids that regularly come home smelly and dirty from a day of fishing (or soccer, or football), then a shower in the laundry room might be the ideal upgrade for your family. 

The fun of renovating any space in your home is that you can make it uniquely you—and the laundry room is no exception. If you’d like to bounce your design ideas off me, connect with me at orrb@doverremodeling.com.

The best is yet to come,

Beth Orr