Tile Trends for Your Home Remodel

September 8, 2021

There’s a good reason why tile is taking over your Pinterest feed: From kitchens and bathrooms to family rooms, tile is a versatile, durable product choice with so many design options. It’s a great way to reflect your unique style personality in your home remodel. 

Tile Trends in 2021

Here are some of the latest tile trends we see in home remodels: 

unique geometric tile

Unique Shapes

Hexagon-shaped tile, penny (circular) tile popular in the early 20th century and small mosaic tile are on-trend. We see hexagons of all sizes used on floors, backsplashes and as an accent in showers (think niches and borders). Both penny and mosaic tiles are manufactured in tile “sheets,” making them easy to install. Plus, because these tile sheets are flexible, they’re great for use on curved walls. These mini tiles make a great focal point: use them for whole-wall installations, on floors, in showers — or all the above. 

Faux Marble

Marble-look tile is a real showstopper, especially in bathrooms. These faux tiles are clean and chic, giving you the look and feel of fancy, high-end natural stone but without the cost or maintenance. And because tile manufacturing technology has come such a long way, it’s hard to tell that these tiles are not the real thing. Seamless, whole-bathroom installs are in style. To keep it from looking too uniform, use large-format tile on the bathroom floor and smaller-scale tile in the shower. 

Linen Finish Tile



Do you prefer matte or gloss finish? Most tiles now come in both options. Mixing and matching matte and gloss finishes in tiles, countertops and fixtures adds visual interest to a space without being overwhelming. The mix-and-match look is popular in showers and kitchen backsplashes. Also on trend is tile with a linen finish and tile with a “tumbled” edge that adds texture to a space in an understated, organic way.  


With many of us spending more time at home and managing issues related to the pandemic, it’s essential to have a place to be able to relax and unwind. Choosing bathroom tile is soft blues and greens and in textured neutrals evokes sky, forest, sand and sea. These tones create a spa-like feel and create a peaceful, Zen vibe. 

Varied Sizes

Today, more homeowners are going for large-format, high-impact tile: 12” x 24” oversized tile and oblong plank tile are popping up on floors and in showers. Large-scale subway tile is on-trend for backsplashes in the kitchen, either 3” x 12” or 4” x 12”. 

Patterned Tile


Patterned tile is (still) having a moment, especially in laundry rooms, mudrooms and half-baths. Using decorative tile in these spaces is a great way to incorporate color and pattern into your home aesthetic without taking over your main living space. Instead, use it as an accent to carry your color scheme throughout your home or to liven up what is often an overlooked living area. 


Easy-to-live-with neutrals will always be on-trend, and tile products are no exception to that design rule. Sherwin Williams recently released its 2022 color forecast which includes a nostalgic, neutral-toned collection that creates a calm, easy-to-live-with home vibe. If neutral feels too blah for you, try a stepped-up installation pattern — offset, herringbone, vertical-stacked rows — an easy change-up that makes a neutral tile installation anything but basic.  

Discover Your Perfect Tile at Our Dover Floor & Tile Center

There are so many great tile products on the market. The options are only as limited as your creativity. If you’re looking for tile samples for your next home remodeling project, stop by the Dover Floor & Tile Center in North Olmsted. We’re here to help! 

The Best is Yet to Come, 

Beth Orr