February 15, 2018

Right On Hue – Ideas For Incorporating Color In Your Kitchen Remodel

Right On Hue. Ideas for incorporating color in your kitchen remodel

When it comes to bringing color into the kitchen, many homeowners take an all-or-nothing approach. What I hear most often from customers during the design stage of a kitchen remodel is that their overwhelming fear is committing to a color that will lock them in—and adversely affect resale. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’d like to add color to your kitchen, there are options for creatively incorporating your favorite hues into your remodel without being completely landlocked.

Start by identifying your color personality and tolerance. Then add color to your space in a way that suits your taste and stays within your comfort zone.

The Minimalist. Clean, simple and classic: These homeowners are drawn to the all-white kitchen trend with quartz or marble countertops, white cabinets and white subway tile. Easy (and non-permanent) ways to add contrasting color in these spaces include:

  • Textiles: Kitchen towels, placemats, seat cushions, window treatments, and rugs—these are easy to change out based on a whim or seasonally
  • Décor: Bring in color by displaying artwork, cookbooks, plates and other accessories
Chef's Kitchen

The Middle Ground. Classic but with a twist. These homeowners might also choose white cabinets, but tend to use color in a supporting role in their overall kitchen design/look. Ideas for incorporating a dose of color in these kitchens:

  •  Cabinets: Choose one finish for cabinets and a contrasting cabinet/base color on the island, or choose a different wood or color for open shelving (on the walls) in lieu of traditional cabinets
  • Countertops: Add depth with a contrasting surface on an island, a wet bar, or at a built-in dining table
  •   Tile: Use colored glass tile or accents in the backsplash
  •   Display: Paint the inside back panel of glass-front display cabinetry—if you grow tired of the color over time, it’s a simple and inexpensive change
  •   Lighting: Colored pendant lights—these are also an easy and inexpensive swap
  •   Appliances: Small kitchen appliances like mixers, coffeemakers and blenders are available in a rainbow of colors and are a great way to add color on the countertop 

The Eclectic: Bold use of color. These homeowners don’t shy away from color—they know what they like and use it throughout the space, from cabinets and paint to countertops. Unique ways to add color to the eclectic kitchen:

  •   Furniture: Add another layer of color with painted stools, tables and chairs, sideboards and more
  • Appliances: Retro-look appliances (think refrigerators) add whimsy and color on a larger scale  Tile:
  • From flooring to backsplashes, tile adds texture and color. Think patterns, murals, mosaics, borders—the possibilities are endless. 

At the end of the day, I always advise customers to go with their gut—and to introduce color based on their comfort level. Your kitchen should reflect your personality and design style. Don’t worry as much about resale value as you do about enjoying your kitchen and your home while you live there.


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