Renovate Without Dating Your Home

November 14, 2019

Renovated Tudor home dining room


Renovate without dating your home. Here’s how.

Tune into virtually any digital channel and you’ve got home remodeling inspiration at your fingertips. Home design TV networks, blogs and social media channels are great sources for the latest trends and innovations in home renovation and design. 

But, will incorporating these what’s-hot-now design elements into your remodel “date” your home?

It’s a question I hear often when meeting with new customers. When I see people wafting back and forth between design elements that lean toward ultra-trendy and then back to safer, more neutral choices, my advice: Be your own trendsetter.      

Do you want your kitchen to look exactly like your neighbor’s kitchen? When you follow trends, that outcome is more likely. Just because HGTV is doing it, doesn’t mean it fits or matches the design style of your home. You want to make the space look like your own, so consider taking cues from the trends and change them up a bit to suit your personal style.

Right now, the trend in kitchen design is quartz over granite for countertops. There are fabulous quartz options available, but if you are one who really likes the look and functionality of a granite surface, then that should be your choice. 

Painted cabinets in grays—the entire kitchen or just the island—are in.  But what if blue is your go-to color? Glossy white subway tile is what you’re seeing on all of the design shows. But you love the look of natural stone. Again, make the space uniquely yours by using the colors and finishes that make you happy and suit your personal design style.  

Texture is another hot new trend that is finding its way into both kitchen and bathroom remodels by means of flooring, tile and sinks. If you want to touch on that trend without fully committing, you may choose to add textured hardware to your cabinetry for an inexpensive update—it’s one that can be changed down the line (or by a new owner should you sell your home).

As with any such selection, trends should not dictate your final decisions. Oftentimes trends come and go, and you’re left with a finished project that feels dated. To get the look that you really love—and that you want to live with over time—it’s best to use your Pinterest boards and Houzz for inspiration, choosing what appeals most to you.   

The Best Is Yet To Come,

Beth Orr