February 21, 2019

Love Your Home


Rekindle Your Love for Your Home. 

During a few recent new-customer meetings, I have had homeowners struggle with the perennial question: Is this renovation project good for resale value? My advice: Do what you love! After all, this is your home. Why not make changes and updates that suit your personal style? Why not live in a space that makes you happy? 

Of course, I understand that, as homeowners, we all need to make smart remodeling decisions based on budget; but I also think it’s wise to consider your time frame. Here’s what I mean: I hear customers fret about making a design change because they’re unsure if it will pay off in five or ten years when they’re ready to sell their house. My thinking is, if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money to update your home—and if you’re going to live here for five or more years—why not do what you love? The bonus – you’ll get to enjoy your investment! 

For the most part, when it’s time to put it on the market, no one is going to pass on your house because you have dark cabinets in the kitchen and they prefer white. They aren’t going to see your tile floors as a deal-breaker because they like hardwood.  In fact, some people might like your design choices; neutral does not necessarily fit all. 

When considering your remodel, make design changes that suit your lifestyle.If you have teenage children, maybe the time is right for you turn your basement into a media room so that they have their own space and you get to reclaim your family room. If you love to entertain outdoors in the summer, perhaps this is the year to add French doors that open onto a patio with a pergola to create a new outdoor living space. Those personal design changes go a long way toward making your home lovable. 

To recapture that spark, you can also make simple and inexpensive updates like changing out hardware or lighting fixtures in your kitchen. You can also consider repainting, changing out bedroom linens, adding slipcovers or laying down new area rugs—sometimes it’s these small changes that recharge a space and make a big impact. 

Too many times I meet with customers who say, “I’ve lived in this house for 15 years and I’ve always hated this bathroom.” The two places where we spend the majority of our time is at work and at home. My advice: Life is short. Make your home wonderful now. 

The Best Is Yet To Come, 

Beth Orr