April 23, 2013

Incorporating Color Trends To Enhance Your Home

Each year Pantone comes up with the Color of the Year. This year it’s Emerald Green. But Pantone also offers a whole range of colors for your home. But I find that, in addition to color trends, there are always new design trends that people are curious about. As part of the Dover Design Team, clients often ask my opinion about these trends. The following are some of the most-asked questions:

Let’s talk first about home remodeling trends in general. What’s popular right now?

BETH: We always suggest a timeless theme when remodeling. You don’t want your new kitchen or bath to quickly seem dated. Just as you wouldn’t dress head-to-toe in the latest trends, the same holds true for home remodeling. For example, the Vessel Sink was quite popular a while back and now it seems dated to the early 2000s. You will never tire of timeless classics for your home. They’re like a string of pearls on a black dress.

Can you give some examples of timeless themes that are popular right now?

BETH: In the bath black and white floor tiles often used in early to mid-century homes are very popular right now, and that has a timeless feel to it. Also white subway tiles on the walls in bathrooms and kitchens are very popular right now. And that will never look dated. Kitchen design remains classic with a Tuscan feel of warm, neutral colors or white cabinets with clean lines.

How can a homeowner maintain a timeless look but still use colors that are on-trend without looking dated?

BETH: Remember the avocado green phase in kitchen appliances in the 1960s? That’s an example of taking a color trend to the extreme. Stay neutral and classic with the costly items and use contemporary colors as accents. There’s a whole Pantone spectrum of colors that you can find here.

Then you can add splashes of on-trend colors with accessories. For example, you’ve incorporated a clean, livable black and white theme in your bathroom. Go wild with popular leopard print and bright emerald green towels and accessorize with jewel tone bath items. Next year, when there’s a new color palette, your bathroom will remain classic but you can change up the accessories to inexpensively maintain an on-trend feel to your home.

We’re always happy to answer questions about color and design trends. Feel free to contact me on this blog or at orrb@doverremodeling.com.

The best is yet to come,
Beth Orr