How to Create the Ideal Laundry Room in Your Home

June 30, 2021

Laundry rooms have become much more than an area for a washer and dryer. No longer an afterthought, today’s laundry rooms, big or small, offer exceptional multi-tasking opportunities and loads of design potential, too.  

Laundry room with storage and farmhouse sink


Design Tips for the Laundry Room

If you’re ready to make the most of your workspace while having some fun with home design, follow these laundry room remodeling and style tips.


Consider how you use the space.  

Start by thinking about the way you use — or would like to use — your laundry room. No matter if your room is a multi-tasking or dedicated laundry space,  it’s beneficial to make a wish list of all of the task-related requirements and amenities to help organize the design project. Here are some common in-demand features:

  • Laundry sorting area 
  • Drying rack
  • Flat area for folding
  • Iron or steam station
  • Storage for cleaning supplies
  • Shower or dog wash 
  • Mudroom storage 

Make it user-friendly.

In many homes, the laundry room is where life gets dumped when you walk in the door. A lot of the homes we remodel have laundry rooms off of the garage or at the back door. Knowing that it is the main point of entry/exit, make it functional with creative add-ons and built-ins such as:

  • Lockers, benches, cubbies and cabinets with hooks for keys, leashes, hats, etc. 
  • Shoe racks and boot trays
  • Drop zone for bags
  • Shopping bag storage
  • Charging station
  • Pocket door to close off or separate the space

Think functionality and durability.  

Keep in mind that laundry rooms are messy places — there’s always the potential for spills and water damage. Choose waterproof flooring such as porcelain tile or luxury vinyl plank. For countertops, go with granite or a solid surface product for a clean look that’s also durable.   

Keep aesthetics in mind. 

Your laundry room should be an extension of your home living space, so keep the design style consistent for a seamless flow. Use natural light and/or ample overhead lighting to brighten the space and improve visibility. And don’t be afraid to add color, pattern or texture to make the room one that you’ll enjoy working in. A recent House Beautiful article offers some fabulous laundry room style inspiration.  

Get creative with storage. 

Think about easy-access storage that “hides” items that you don’t want to see:  

  • Beaded glass-front panels on cabinets  
  • Built-in cabinets or drawers with roll-out hanging rods 
  • Outlets installed inside cabinets  

Make sure it fits.

Save yourself time, money and headaches by thinking like an installer. If you hang-dry a lot of your laundry and you’re very tall, your clothes require extended-length hanging space. An off-the-shelf rack system might not work for you. Maybe you want to incorporate an antique sink in your laundry room, or you want to add pedestals under your washer and dryer for extra storage. Measure all components in advance — it’s the golden rule!  

Creating a laundry room space that you’ll enjoy working in is not difficult; it just requires planning and design creativity. For some ideas of beautiful-yet-functional laundry room and mudroom areas, visit our portfolio. You can also follow us on Pinterest.

The best is yet to come, 

Beth Orr