For Better Or For Worse: How To Combine His & Hers Design Styles

October 8, 2014

As a newlywed, this design topic really hits home for me. Based on life in my own home, and drawing from my experience designing spaces for homeowners who have been together from three months to more than 30 years, it’s safe to say that one of the secrets to a happy home is the ability to strike a balance between two individual’s styles and preferences.

Most often, the end result is a not-too-masculine/not-too-feminine vibe that incorporates and blends the best of both into one look. Key elements to achieving that balance include:

Find common ground.
Combining two homes’ furnishings can be a challenge. My husband and I both like large pieces of furniture with clean lines. Using that as our guide, we started by picking and choosing items from both of our homes that would work well together until we got the right look and feel.

She likes tile floors for maintenance but he prefers the look of hardwood – Consider tile floors that look like hardwood. There are some great new options in flooring products that accomplish both in one—these textured tiles are fabricated in varying plank lengths and are laid similar to real hardwood, but have the durability of ceramic tile.

She likes glass tile and he likes rustic stone. Instead of an all glass tile backsplash, you might opt for the popular glass/stone mix backsplash that gives you a wide range of options to create your own distinct look.

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Develop your signature style – together.
There’s always one element that you can both agree on—so start there and then work your way out. For example, you both like black countertops. So with that set, what cabinets will go well with the dark counters? How about flooring? Paint color? All you need is a place to start and you can take it from there.

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Consider different options.
We recently renovated a bathroom for a couple who had specific (and seemingly opposing) ideas about what the finished look would be: She wanted a pretty, updated bathroom with light-colored finishes. He was opposed to any and all finishes considered “feminine” including glass tile. His look: fresh, clean and masculine. We ended up using a neutral colored field tile and then found an accent piece made of pebbles that we used as the accent on the shower walls. The finished bathroom is striking. It has a look and style that gave them both what they wanted: a stunning new bathroom that is pretty, yet decidedly masculine.

Successful design follows the rules of most relationships. Together, you’ll find the right balance that works for you.

The Best Is Yet To Come,
Beth Orr