August 2, 2017

Bathroom Remodel: From Forgotten to Fabulous

Guest Blog:  Designer Amy Tilow


Our team at Dover earned first-place honors in the NARI Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards, Category: Bathroom $30,001-$45,000. For the next four weeks, I’m turning over my blog to designer Amy Tilow who managed this award-winning project. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog series, with details about the design challenges and solutions—and photos that detail this fabulous bathroom evolution.

Bathroom Remodel: From Forgotten to Fabulous

If the walls could talk, this remodeling project would tell a great story: The property is 103 years old—one of Lakewood’s classic historic homes. When the homeowners tore into the hall bathroom just outside their bedroom, they were intent on remodeling the space on their own.

But, the husband traveled out of the country for weeks at a time; and when he was at home and had time to dedicate to the remodel, the couple quickly realized they were in over their heads. The scope of the project was overwhelming.


For four years, the mostly-demoed bathroom remained in that condition. After years of having to go down to the 1st floor or up to the 3rd floor to shower, the couple turned to Dover to help restore function in the bathroom and breathe new life into the forgotten space.

When we first met at their home, I noticed the couple’s contemporary design style with clean lines and a modern edge to their décor, but with a slant that honored the integrity of their historic home.





The homeowners’ distinctive style was my guide as I developed the new layout for the bathroom. The proposed design included a vanity with essential lighting, a tub/shower combination and extra storage—with all design elements and fixtures reflecting a modern vibe.  They fell in love with the idea. And so, the project wheels were set in motion.

Next week, I’ll move on to some before and during photos and project notes.


Amy Tilow

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