Dover Project Feature: Contractor of the Year Award, First Place Bathroom Remodel

August 24, 2017

Dover Project Feature: Contractor of the Year Award, First Place Bathroom Remodel


Our team at Dover was thrilled to be honored by NARI with a Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award for a bathroom renovation completed for our customer in Lakewood. Enjoy this final blog post by designer Amy Tilow that completes the project walkthrough…

This blog continues with product selections and final details…


LED tube lights were installed on a dimmer switch for clear, high-quality task lighting that can be softened to a subtle glow. A power strip inside the vanity keeps items plugged in and ready for use, yet hidden out of sight. Balance was created between the mirror and vanity by having the larger doors open in opposition to one another.

The skirted, sleek toilet—with a nightlight hidden in the seat—adds to the clean, modern design of the space.


Storage was a concern, so we took advantage of the 101” high ceiling by installing two 30” x 10” wall-mounted cabinets with top-hinged doors.  The cabinets were trimmed out with traditional crown molding, maintaining the integrity of this 1913 home.  Wide door casing and baseboards continue the look.

The new bathroom space strikes an even balance, respecting the past through use of classic materials and acknowledging the present with modern elements that reflect the homeowners’ personal tastes and design aesthetic.  And it’s a far cry from the demoed space the couple had been living with for years.

This project was very challenging—and also very fulfilling. I’m so proud that it won a CotY award! That was just icing on the cake. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along through the project blog.


Amy Tilow