Don’t Fight Your House

December 10, 2014

Most of us have a favorite pair of jeans hanging in our closet—the ones that fit just right and are comfortable from the moment we slip them on. The beauty of a go-to staple piece like these jeans is tat they can be fashioned to suit new style trends based on what we pair with them or how we accessorize.

Sometimes I see customers who struggle with balancing new design ideas with the actual style of their home (for example, putting modern accents in a traditional home and vice versa). It’s important to recognize that, just like the jeans, you bought your house for a reason: because you liked it; the house fit you. So before you start to completely redesign or update your home, consider the benefits of working within your home’s existing style to achieve an updated home that exudes a more cohesive, inviting look.

Here’s a great example: If you live in a traditional home that you’d like to freshen up as a more contemporary space, you might consider exposing brick walls or adding stone; installing ceiling beams; painting the brick fireplace or replacing it with marble, travertine or another natural stone; or opening up the floor plan to achieve a free-flowing, more spacious feel.

Recently, Dover Home Remodelers renovated a bathroom for a customer who owned an older home. She wanted a space that was fresh and new, but that still honored the traditional framework of her house. We used classic white subway tile to create a traditional look, but then used glass tile accents to add color and a bit of modern flair. The design created a nice balance – the bathroom was updated and new, yet it still flowed with the other rooms in her home.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you live in a downtown loft, it’s probably best to stick with clean, sleek lines and hard flooring. But if the contemporary look is too stark for you, you might consider adding splashes of color and texture with area rugs, pillows and blankets that work to soften the space.

At the end of the day, it’s best not to fight your house—work with what you’ve got. Accent, accessorize, update and you can make your home feel just as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.

The Best Is Yet to Come,
Beth Orr