August 20, 2020

BLOG #1 of 3 IN A SERIES: CotY Award Winner: Honorable Mention, Residential Interior: Under $100,000

This stunning renovation earned our team at Dover the 2020 NARI Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award: Honorable Mention, Residential Interior: Under $100,000. For the next 3 weeks, Dover designer and guest blogger Amy Tilow will walk you through this award-winning home remodeling project featuring a fabulous open-concept family kitchen and living space. 


CotY Award Winner: Honorable Mention, Residential Interior: Under $100,000

Welcome to a brighter, bolder family kitchen 

Their cramped, dated kitchen just didn’t suit this young family of four. But they had a vision for their new kitchen: A crisp, mid-century modern open-concept space with clean lines and smart functionality. 

The kitchen before and after:

When we first met, the homeowners shared drawings that an architect had created for a home addition, thinking that’s what they needed to achieve a larger, more functional kitchen. But we looked at the project a little differently. The biggest problem with the existing kitchen was its location: It was in the middle of the house, essentially serving as a hallway between the family room on one end and the dining room on the other. The room was a 12’ run that included the sink, dishwasher, range and a few cabinets. The refrigerator was located on the opposite end of the space. And because of its position in the center of the house, there was no natural light, which made the kitchen dark and dreary.

The kitchen before:


These drawings show the old kitchen layout and our new design that eliminated the wall in between the living room and the kitchen.  

Next week, I’ll show the demo process and move on to reveal how the new open-concept kitchen space started to take shape. Don’t miss it!

Amy Tilow