January 29, 2015

A Good Vibe And A Good Weekend At The NARI Home Improvement Show…

Gas prices have taken a dive. Our winter weather has been somewhat mild. And at the NARI Home Improvement Show this past weekend, we definitely felt an increase in traffic throughout the event. It just felt as if this year, people were more excited and intent about their home remodeling projects than what we’ve experienced in the past.

At our Dover booth, we took more than 40 leads from the show. Some of our potential customers brought in drawings and clippings to share with us to start the dialogue about their projects. Having our designers on hand to discuss options and ideas was very helpful. For some people, they saw surfaces or fixtures that they liked showcased at other booths—and then they were able to meet with us and discuss those new products and how they might be incorporated into their projects.  That’s the beauty of these home shows: There are design ideas and creative inspiration around every turn.

Among the highlights of the show were presentations by HGTV’s ever-popular Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot of “Love It or List It, Too.”  The crowds packed in to hear them talk about their project successes and their guidelines for renovating spaces—or deciding to list the property and move on. As a designer, I’m always inspired by and interested to hear about the creative process that drives the transformation of beautiful and well-thought-out spaces. I’m sure that those of you who were in attendance now share that extra-spring-in-your-step feeling that our team at Dover is enjoying as we look forward to diving into new projects.  Best of luck!

The Best Is Yet To Come,
Beth Orr

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