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September 16, 2015

Revisit Dover’s Award-Winning Home Remodel

I’m having a throwback moment: This blog is a guest post by Dover designer Shelley Bujdos that ran back in June. It’s one that I think is worthy of a second read: Shelley walks us through a dramatic whole-house remodel in Rocky River with serious wow factor. This project not only earned Dover First Place honors in the annual National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Contractor of the Year Awards, Full House Division—it’s included in the Cleveland’s upcoming NARI Remodeled Homes Tour, September 26 and 27, 2015. buy real modafinil online for details about the tour and to purchase tickets.

Bringing it back: A 1928 classic with modern-day amenities, meticulous detail cheap modafinil reddit
Rarely do we get the chance to renovate an entire home. This project gave us that exciting opportunity: When the remodel was complete, our team at Dover had literally refinished every inch of the home. Not only was the project large in scale—it was big in satisfaction: The homeowner was an absolute pleasure to work with. She knew exactly what she wanted and we worked side by side to create the beautiful family home she envisioned. Here’s the recap:

Built in 1928, the home had seen a recent addition that evoked a contemporary vibe, which was awkward, as there was no continuity between the original home and the new space. The homeowner wanted a fresh, updated look, an efficient new layout and an inviting feel with Nantucket Island-inspired charm.

The kitchen lacked an overall functional design and flow; it had little storage, no defined workspaces and narrow pathways. Our new design opened the space and provided two entrances, a huge walk-in pantry, added counter space, a separate dining bar, and smart work areas. The homeowner living area afterselected gorgeous marble surfaces that complemented white cabinetry. We added custom built-ins throughout for efficiency and lighted glass display cabinets for design flair.

As we worked, structural problems were uncovered between the original mudroom and new kitchen addition (which we managed as we renovated the mudroom). Floor joists were reinforced in the ceiling to support the relocated second-floor laundry room. This space was designed with loads of extra storage and smart built-ins for everyday function.

The original living area off the kitchen featured an expansive wall of windows for natural light, yet the room still felt drab. Our renovation carried the homeowner’s New England design influence throughout this first-floor family room and the adjoining dining room, with painted cabinetry and custom millwork. Throughout the entire home, we refinished the original hardwood floors, installed custom 8-panel doors and finished with a fresh coat of paint.master bath after

In addition to refinishing work upstairs we also gutted and remodeled three bathrooms: The master included custom tile work in the oversized shower, a lovely double vanity; and a built-in linen closet complete with mirrored finish. We used natural stone surfaces and subway tiles on the floor in the kids’ bathrooms to reflect the home’s 1920’s charm. And these are just a few of the project highlights!

I’m proud that we created a stunning home that is as beautiful as it is functional. While the design won an award for our team at Dover, the project delivered for this family their forever home. And I’m lucky to have been a part of it.

Please mark your calendar and join us on Tour to see this fabulous home firsthand. I’ll provide details about the NARI Remodeled Homes Tour in my next blog.

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The Best is Yet to Come,
Beth Orr



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