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June 29, 2017

Kitchen Renovation: From Closed-in Colonial to Open-concept Living

Guest Blog: Designer Chika Aizu BLOG #1 of 4 IN A SERIES Our team at Dover was recently honored by NARI with a Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award: Honorable Mention: Kitchen $60,001-$100,000. For the next four weeks, I’m turning over my blog to designer Chika Aizu who managed this award-winning project. I hope you’ll… Read More

May 25, 2017

Get ready for home design inspiration: The NARI Remodeled Homes Tour

It’s hard for me to resist the temptation of walking through a model home. If you can relate, and share that love for home design, then mark your calendar for the NARI Remodeled Homes Tour, June 10-11, 2017. This Tour features remodeling trends only—no new-builds. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your own home… Read More

March 30, 2017

The Expo Wrap Up

This past weekend, we closed the books on another successful Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo at the Huntington Convention Center downtown.  While the gorgeous and unseasonably warm spring weather kept the big crowds away, we did visit with lots of potential new customers who were serious about their home remodeling projects.   Over the next… Read More

February 15, 2017

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Home Remodeler – Second in a two-part series

Picking up where we left off in our last blog, here are Items #6-10: some pitfalls to avoid when hiring a remodeling contractor: NOT ASKING IF THE CONTRACTOR IS INSURED AND BONDED Confirm that the contractor has liability insurance. This is important on so many levels. If a worker gets injured while on the job… Read More

February 9, 2017

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Home Remodeler – First in a two-part series

So often, homeowners approach Dover after an unpleasant renovation experience with another contractor, asking for our help to complete or redo work in their homes. Unfortunately, there are contractors out there that make promises, yet don’t follow through. While none of us has a crystal ball that shows the guaranteed outcome of our remodeling project,… Read More

January 26, 2017

Matt Muenster Draws Crowds at the NARI Home Improvement Show

The unseasonably warm weather brought the crowds out in droves to the 36th annual NARI Home Improvement Show this past weekend—and it’s safe to say that HGTV’s Matt Muenster was a big part of the attraction, too.  While he was on stage, every chair was full. Dover sponsored Matt’s guest appearance at the show so… Read More

November 9, 2016

The Recap: 2016 Home Remodeling Trends

This week I’m turning my blog over to Shelley Bujdos, one Dover’s accomplished, and acclaimed, designers. Based on her firsthand experience with homeowners, Shelley is recapping the leading home design and remodeling trends from 2016. It’s been another busy year at Dover, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Because I work hand… Read More

October 12, 2016

Looking Ahead: Home Remodeling Trends for 2017

This week I’m turning over my blog to two of Dover’s talented designers, Chika Aizu and Amy Tilow. Together, they’re weighing in on the home design and remodeling trends for the kitchen and bath that they predict will lead the way as we head into 2017. As designers at Dover Home Remodelers, we work every… Read More

August 31, 2016

Can You Feel It? Ideas for Using Texture to Add Depth to Newly Renovated Space

It used to be that color was the go-to for adding interest or the “wow” factor to a home. But that was then—and this is now: Today’s home remodeling trends incorporate texture to add drama and depth to interiors, from contemporary to classic design styles. “We’re seeing a lot of our customers leaning toward white… Read More

June 22, 2016

Selecting the Right Tile for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation

Whether you’re adding a new backsplash or installing new flooring throughout your home, choosing tile can be an overwhelming task: Natural stone or porcelain? Diagonal or herringbone installation? Colored grout or no grout line? As a designer at Dover Home Remodelers, my advice to customers is to think it through: Don’t simply choose a tile… Read More

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