Why Budget?

July 10, 2014

There’s something about discussing money that can make people feel a bit uneasy. So often, we find that customers are leery to share their thoughts about budgets in advance. When asked if they have a budget number in mind, most homeowners say that they don’t know, simply because they’ve never managed a remodeling project before. But when we dig a little deeper, we find that the biggest concern for customers is that if they give us their projected budget number, we’ll come back with a proposal for that exact number. And while I can’t speak for all contractors, I can tell you that’s not how we do business at Dover.

We ask for a budget in advance so we can work with you—not against you. We help you establish a budget that you’ re comfortable with and then we work within those numbers to create a project scope and design that suits your wants, needs and style preferences. It helps to have that estimated number or range to begin with in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

For example, if the customer tells us they have no budget in mind for a total kitchen gut and remodel, and we then come back with a $40,000 design and quote—when they really only intended to spend $20,000—then we have to start over. It’s best to have a ballpark idea before we begin.

Budget dictates our approach: Our designers use these numbers as the framework to worth within when developing ideas and designs for your project. A budget helps guide us in how large or involved the project can be and what types of materials, finishes and fixtures we might suggest. It allows us to alter the design or use different materials to achieve the same finished look, but at a better price point, as needed.

A great example of this is flooring. Customers often ask about hardwood flooring – an application can be expensive. Yet, if we know your budget has a cap, we might suggest tile or vinyl plank flooring that provides the desired look, but at a cost that better meets the budget requirements.

Budgets are an essential, important element of the design process for both the contractor and the homeowner. Let’s face it—we all want to be wowed by our finished remodeling project.  And that’s what a realistic budget helps us achieve: A budget allows us to work together to bring your remodeling dream to beautiful reality, at a price tag that you can live with.

The Best Is Yet to Come,
Beth Orr