April 29, 2020

Has COVID Lockdown Got You Thinking Home Remodeling?

Has COVID Lockdown Got You Thinking Home Remodeling? We’ve Got Just The Inspiration You Need for a Home Refresh Now more than ever, I really appreciate my home. Like everyone else, I’ve had to slow down and stay put—but the upside of this unexpected change is that it’s allowed me to enjoy the improvements I’ve… Read More

April 23, 2020

Tips And Trends For Displaying Your TV

Binge-watching during the COVID-19 shutdown?  Follow these trends and tips for displaying your TV  If streaming Netflix content is part of your new normal during these uncertain times, we’re right there with you. This blog repost is very much on-point with tips for ways to display your TV—because we all have time to think about… Read More

April 9, 2020

Indoor/Outdoor Mixed Use Space

Tired of spending time inside?  Extend your home’s living space outdoors. Most of us would give anything to spend more time outside these days. Given our current state of sheltering in place in response to COVID-19, we’re bringing back a timely blog about creating an outdoor living space. Is this something you’ve considered for your… Read More